October 25, 2011

Turkcan's philosophical seekings

A dialogue between Turkcan and Van Gundy from back in 1999, when they co-existed in NY Knicks.

''I was talking to Mirsad Turkcan,'' said.
''He said to me, 'You got no 3.'
''I said, 'What?'
''He said, 'You got no 3.' '' (Referring to the Knicks' having no legitimate starting small forward.)
''What about Larry Johnson?'' Van Gundy asked Turkcan.
''He 4,'' Turkcan replied in halting English.
''What about Latrell Sprewell?'' Van Gundy asked.
''He 2.''
Turkcan then pointed to himself and announced, ''Me 3.''
Van Gundy said, ''You 3, me fired.''

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